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2013 Happy New Year: 2012 Was for Standing My Ground and Taking Back What Was Mine All Along

You know I always have to write my year in review and what to expect going forward 🙂 2012 was the Year of Deliverance!!

Looking back over the past year, I feel like 5 have gone by. We started 2012 officially launching “Foxx Media Group” also known as “FMG” and 7 websites including my feature blog “Porn in the Valley” which took me 2 1/2 months to manually move it from an antiquated blogger system to WordPress when Godaddy partnered up with them. Since then, I’ve added 7 more for a total of 14 sites of various designs and features. FMG does have one primary goal and that is to expose the underbelly of America whose ‘Keepers and Offenders’ are highlighted at I Audit All. It’s been a crazy, busy year but also extremely productive!

I finished another semester of school in 2012 but sat out the fall term due to my injection into the 2012 election. That was an unexpected project that taught me a ton about our country and unfortunately, not much of it good. Most of the 7 additional sites I’ve created this year were in response to that education lol. I made many more enemies and received more death threats and my daughter has been physically stalked due to my work but that simply told me that I was doing the right thing. We have managed through every attack to come out the other side in better shape. God is very important to me now as I know we couldn’t have made it through without Him and I know the many victories we’ve experienced this year were Blessings He bestowed upon us!!

My daughter is coming up to her 1st year anniversary at her job and she’s doing great. I’m so proud of the progress she’s made to move forward in life. We talk most days at least by text and watching her grow into the young woman I knew she could be makes everything worth it. My family grew and got closer this year as well. We all grew to appreciate each other more in 2012 as we welcomed my first grandbaby!!

Being a grandma has been every bit as fun as being a mom was for me. I absolutely love babies and they tend to love me back. I said I must look pretty funny when I make faces because they always laugh at me. I could sit and play with kids all day and it would be my slice of heaven 🙂 My granddaughter just turned 18 months and is at that stage where she’s learning to express herself lol. Bad for her is the fact that it’s hilariously cute when she throws a temper tantrum so it doesn’t get her far. She is definitely Grammy’s girl so I still get quiet times where she’ll sit and read or cuddle in my lap. I held her for hours when she was so small and she remembers . . .

My work is going great too and I will celebrate a year there in the spring. I’m enjoying having a real job with benefits and paid time off for holidays and appointments. I caught a bad flu the beginning of December and missed 3 days. I missed a few days in the fall when my daughter was stalked until we shored up safety plans and transportation. All was covered under my PTO time which was great. Both our companies know what’s going on and what happened so life is pretty normal for the first time in a long time.

While my work does have its’ downfalls, it has been paying off and the word is spreading. 2012 was definitely a year of work but that work propelled our story into a strange kind of mainstream so those who are know the truth about what is. Now I spend my time tracking and exposing offenders who consistently and stubbornly continue to pimp the sexualization of our societies and most importantly, our children. This year, I took back my name, my momhood and my internet presence. It was a battle but worth every minute of it and I suggest everyone take a stand for something they feel strongly about. I know many of you still worry about us so it’s important for all of you to know that you took a stand the day you became our followers. You are a very important part of our story and one day, you will see how much. Collectively, we all stood our ground this year and took back a BIG piece of our GOOD World. Your testimony as Witnesses of the World let them know we are ALL watching!!

2012 saw many young women here in America and in other countries battling for our rights in the War against Women AND Children that has taken a foothold in our World. We saw young women brutalized and murdered fighting for basic rights. It’s been a bloody year for women and children all over the World but I believe that no blood is shed in vain and God knows the price they paid. 2012 was a battle for women and children alike as the year ended with the senseless and horrific mass murder of 20 American elementary school kids taken in an instance. In India, a young woman was gang-raped in an unimaginable way on a public bus in their capital and who just died from her horrendous, unspeakable injuries. Malala Yousafzai, a teen student in Pakistan, shot on her way to school, for her activism work for women’s rights there, survived and continues to speak out though under great threat against her life. Women are living in a World of oppression and slavery everywhere but the good news is, we ARE still fighting for equality, safety and respect!!

I pray every day for and my work is all about making our World a better place for all the children of the World and that these crimes against our very humanity are exposed and prosecuted. As adults know, childhood is much, much too short so every moment of their precious young lives should be cherished and celebrated. There should be no hurry for them to grow up as the World has become a cruel and dark place for adults to navigate. Our children need the Light!! We need our kids safe and healthy, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. I hope as my faithful friends, fans and followers, you have learned more about our World’s situation and how speaking out and standing up for what’s right DOES make a difference. Please join FMG and myself by speaking out in 2013 for a children’s issue of your choice. The children need us all now.

It takes all of our Societies joining together to save the World’s Children 🙂

13 has always been a good number for me so now that 2012 has delivered us from evil, I expect 2013 to be a year of continued growth and restoration. My personal goals are to continue to expand my work and increase my income. I’d like to be looking at home ownership by years end 2013. I have a good car so plan to replace worn parts over the next 12 months so I can pay it off and keep it awhile. I did like not having that car payment so the goal is to get rid of it again lol!! I’m not sure about getting back into school until I see how the economy and tax situations play out in politics. I’m not in the spring term but may jump in the summer if things improve. Not hopeful though so we’ll see. I learned what I needed for now and I have plenty of time to finish later.

So, what does 2013 hold for you?? I’m not sure what will happen but as 2012 taught me, I’m ready for anything and able to do everything needed so whatever comes our way, we will keep moving forward with God leading the way 😉

Happy New Year, my dear friends. May God bring us all a better World in 2013, here’s to a New Year of Enlightened Awareness and Spirituality for our World. God Bless you and your loved ones!!


ABOUT NUMEROLOGY AND 13 – By Scott Petullo

Is the number 13 really unlucky? The short answer is that any number can be unlucky in excess. No single number is lethal by itself, as one single factor of hundreds in the comprehensive numerology charts. I recommend that you avoid viewing the number 13 or 4 as patently unlucky, at least any more than any other number.

Although 13 and 22 share the same root number (4), there are many differences.

The number 4 is considered the number of death in many Asian cultures (8 and 9 are viewed as “lucky” in some of those same cultures). However, 4 has many positive qualities and its bad image isn’t justified, in my view. Every number has three sides: balanced energy, over-balanced energy, and under-balanced energy.

4 relates to structure, stable finances, organization, efficiency, and productivity, just to name a few. An emphasis on the number 4 in your collective timing can be a very positive thing, especially if you seek stability.

In its over-balanced or under-balanced form, for example, it can symbolize health challenges, rigidity, excessive analysis, lack of humor and enjoyment, repressed emotions, dishonesty, neglect, impracticality, and neurosis.

In spite of the negative features related to the number 4 listed above, you shouldn’t fear it. Timing is symbolically strongest in a collective sense (involving dozens of indicators), never with a single indicator.

13 is commonly considered to be unlucky, but I believe that is more superstition than truth. A “Karmic Debt Number,” 13, in an over-balanced and under-balanced sense, relates to restriction, degeneration, health concerns, triviality, immaturity, emotional problems, over-spending, and betting the farm at the track, so to speak (and losing).

On the balanced side, 13 can relate to tremendous drive, power, rebirth, endurance, levelheadedness, prudence, and fantastic success. More about the number 13 here:

The number 22 is more spiritual in the sense that it is linked firmly to the other side and signifies big plans and undertakings. Practical, yet dynamic and rare vision relates to the number 22–enlightened awareness manifesting extraordinary things. The Great Pyramid is perfectly symbolic of the number 22. On the over-balanced and under-balanced side, 22 is linked to psychosis and (often very successful) organized crime.

Our Numerology Decoder Software correctly calculates Karmic Debt Numbers (such as 13 and 16) and Master Numbers (such as 11 and 22). Although it’s a “basic chart” program and not a comprehensive charting program, it’s a great tool to help you practice basic number mysticism in your everyday life, increasing your awareness, thus reducing your overall risk:

Copyright © 2011 Scott Petullo

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