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LAZY Days and Short Weeks – This is What Life is Made For So I Enjoy Every Minute of Them

Over the past couple of weeks, life has really started to settle into a routine with consistency and opportunities. I tackle each day with the same resolve to work through what’s in front of me. Life has balanced out quite a bit so that I enjoy successfully completing each day when I crawl into bed at night exhausted lol!

Last weekend, I set out to trade my car in. Sunday, I drove around for some time before I found a car wash open that provided full service so I could get both inside and outside cleaned. It didn’t help that the day was overcast so many closed due to threatening showers. I pulled up to one as they were pulling the door closed. I asked if they wanted one more but they had already shut everything down for the day. They did refer me to one not far from where we were so I finally got this task out of the way an hour and a half after I started the journey. While I was waiting, I called the car dealer I go to and there was no answer. It looked like I wasn’t doing any business that day. I had a clean car though so half the job was done. It was Memorial Day weekend so there would be dealers open on Monday.

I headed home and found that the big dealerships were open so I did a U-turn and pulled into one I’d spoken to over the phone. They were packed with people looking to purchase new cars so I gave the name of the person I had talked to and sat down to wait. It wasn’t long and she came by but was busy so she referred me to someone else. We took a couple test drives but the terms weren’t good so I left with what I came with. I decided at that point to keep my car a while longer. It was so much cheaper to fix what I had and I love not having any car payments to pay. My son said he could do alot of the work so we made plans for him to work on it and for me to use his truck for a couple days to get to work. With having Monday off, it made things easier. He could work on the car and I didn’t need to go anywhere.

I headed back to work Tuesday and didn’t get my car back until Thursday. Once my son finished his work, we had to get it to the shop to set the timing again. It’s a complicated job requiring tearing part of the motor apart but I found a shop that is great and fair. Came from my lawn guy so referrals do work. I’ve got one more big job that my son can’t do and my new mechanic gave me a real fair price so I will get that done in a few weeks when I have a little more money.  This repair took about $600 to fix it all so that set me back but was definitely worth it. Once I finish with the repairs needed, a new radio and tinting the windows to help with the heat here, I’ll have a car that will go another 50-100 miles. The best part is I know exactly what’s been done to my car so why start over with another??

This week was really all about my car. The work week was shortened thanks to the holiday so it flew by. We got ice cream sundaes Friday afternoon for a treat when they brought Cold Stone in to serve us. This company has been great to work for so far. I told them I’m going to gain weight working there though because they sure like to feed us a lot lol. We’re having a barbeque for our company picnic and kids and dogs are both invited too 🙂 I’m going to take ZeZe and she’ll wear a bathing suit lol. She loves people so will have a blast. She hates the water so I doubt we’ll get her in for some swimming unless we throw her in for fun lol!

This weekend has been spent getting caught up around the house and visiting with friends and family. My grandbaby is out of town so I didn’t get to see her but I heard she just took her first steps. She just grows like crazy and won’t be a baby too soon for my tastes lol. We are approaching her first birthday already which means this year has simply flown by. She reminds me so much of my kids when they were little. It’s so wonderful to be a Grandma. The only thing better is being a Mom 😉

The next few weeks will be tight as I work the car repairs into my budget but I’m so far ahead of where I was last year at this time that it seems like a minor inconvenience. I might not get to see my kids as much until I finish getting the car fixed but again, it’s temporary and I’ll have a better car in the long run so it’s worth it. Right now, I’m working through life rather steadily which is something I feel blessed for. I can handle the issues that come up much better when I have the tools to effectively manage them. Just as I use my blogs as tools to communicate with others, life has given me many new tools to deal with everything that comes at me in life!!