Talking Tales

God is Heaping Opportunity on Us so It’s Time to Share :)


It’s too much to tweet about lol. 2012 was a year of transition for me as I grew my online presence and began tweeting. It took a long time for me to realize how useful it was to reach out to people through social media. I had my blogs and I wrote but someone had to visit to read it. Now I spend most of my days checking out the events of the day and keeping up with what fellow activists are doing to keep all of the important issues in the forefront since our media leaves so much out. I also spend time talking to people and calling out those who promote porn and and the other crap they pimp to the World as innocent entertainment.

I know several of you check my stuff to make sure we’re doing okay and keep up on what we’re up to. Since things are pretty crazy busy right now, I want to be sure you all know life is good, we are safe and will persevere. Things are so good, in fact, that I’ll be doing a little less online work over the next several weeks but no need to worry. There’s just too much to do and not enough time to do it in. You know, my usual problem 🙂 I will be on Twitter @PimpingPolitics as it’s attached to my phone. I’ll be on the rest intermittently when I can grab a few headlines to post. I have some huge projects to work on which will be so worth the work when complete so please bear with me!

For those who didn’t catch it on my Twitter @PimpingPolitics, I was having problems at work over the past couple of months. We were down a few team members and worked over 3 months on mandatory overtime. Great for the budget but not good for my health so my doctor limited the amount of OT I could work. It caused a lot of resentment from a couple of others so bullying ensued. I won’t go into too much detail because I still work there but it escalated into me getting in trouble for something I didn’t do so I went to the head of the company. The meeting didn’t go that well as we discussed issues, including some very sexually charged behavior I was regularly witness to. I got my answer to how the problems would be dealt with when I was told that was just a fun working environment and if I didn’t like it, I should look elsewhere for employment. This from a woman my own age. They then let me know they audited my computer and blocked my access to music and gmail which everyone had access to before this happened. It was definitely not going well. It’s a decent job with full benefits so I didn’t want trouble. I just wanted to be left alone to do my job and my work was done in the time I was allowed to work so the OT was really a moot point. They were setting themselves up for some major liability by trying to force me out so we discussed where we were both at and I went back to work.

Now on to the good news (well maybe lol). One of my supervisors who was in on the bullying left last week. This week, the female C.O.O. who I met with is leaving the end of the month. Not sure what really happened because we all know they never say in a company meeting. All I know is since last week, things have settled down. They also hired several people so the crazy OT is over. I’m a hard worker but I do have a life outside of work and I do have a health condition that does require some structure. All senior management agreed my production was rock solid so there really was no reason for all this drama and I truly believe God is working on my career!

Next, I’ve talked about the stalking and bullying my daughter has suffered at work since last summer when we found out they were coming into her establishment and telling the managers things about her. I wrote about them having cameras so we could identify them. This activity stopped and they started sending emails to the corporate office.. She had worked there over a year and had done quite well. It becomes obvious rather quickly that once people find out about this stuff, there are some cruel people out there, both young and old, who make it a hobby to cause others pain and difficulties. Anyway, it got worse and she got no help from upper management either so she knew she was going to have to move where she could get into a better and more positive situation. That’s the next good news because she’s already relocated and is working for a Christian company now who knows her story and who support her future successes! See the sad part of this is, I can’t even post their name and promote their wonderfulness because the stalkers would just pounce before she even gets her footing. They’ll find out soon enough without my help. Very unfortunate but very true!

Next . . . One of my goals, if you’ll recall from my New Years 2013 post, was to become a homeowner by the end of this year. I hate renting though at least my last landladies have been just great. It such a waste of money to rent and you can’t personalize your space. I love DIY and my fav store is Home Depot lol. And landscaping is another hobby I crave. So . . . . this week I agreed to become a homeowner 🙂

Someone needs to move and it’s privately financed so they just need someone to take over payments. It’s a friend of a good friend and kinda like family so is all above board. A real cute place, perfect for me, with a great yard. It’s a great deal and cheaper than where I’m at now which I’ve been praying about. Benefits at work aren’t cheap so I do live on a tight budget with a little side work here and there. This is like a win, win, win deal lol. So I’m relocating too and there’s a ton to do. If things don’t work out at my job, I’ll be more centrally located to go after some better opportunities as well. I’ll pay it off pretty fast and can always turn it into a rental later on if I decide to move. It’s perfect for that as well. It’s in great shape only needing some tlc which I enjoy. I just can’t believe I’m moving again. Funny how I prayed to put myself through this lol.

Now, that’s not even all of it. There’s MORE!!

I regularly talk to people about the issues I cover in my blogs. In fact, it can be a more complicated conversation these days because of the connections that are becoming glaringly obvious between several issues involving women, the violence against women which permeates from every source our lives are linked to and porn is the engine of this runaway train. I talk to people from all types of professions and backgrounds from all over the World. I always said I’d talk to each and every person individually if that’s what it took to get this information out there but I always also have to work toward reaching larger groups because there’s so many who still don’t know or don’t understand. Once the light comes on, the seed begins to grow. It’s that flash of light I’m after, that shines through the crack in the door so I can stick my foot in 😉

Those who know me here, know I can’t give certain details on public events I might be involved in because my stalkers will cause problems. But know that I am working on some really good stuff right now, some which are public events to spread awareness through my story. I met with some interesting people recently who were doing research for non-profit projects and I just got approval for a special interview. More to come later on these if and when possible. I’m out there spreading the word. I know you’re cool with knowing that 😉

I also have had some major different legal recourse set before me that I need to do the legwork for to put together good complaints.  I have contacts and I have evidence. The time has come to start the squeaky wheels of justice turning because if no one else will take these bastards down, I have learned I can do it all myself. There’s both civil and criminal cases available so in my spare time, I’m going to be a paralegal again to put this stuff together. I tweeted not too long ago that I found something I had discussed with the FBI that was needed to proceed with a pretty good case. It was like finding the right spot for that piece of the puzzle you’ve been holding for a while. All of a sudden, it was just there and I went straight to it.

Oh, what a tangled web they weaved!

Oh, this is definitely God’s work in our lives. I’ve got more blessings than I can handle right now. What a wonderful problem to have lol!

Thank You, God!!