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HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY!! Freedom Isn’t Free and It Sure Isn’t Easy to Keep – I’m Exhausted So I’ll Keep This Short |-) zzzz

I’m enjoying some much needed time off this weekend but I wanted to catch up on my journal before heading to bed for an early night’s sleep. My youngest moved recently so I took some things to her to help set up her new place. It’s the first time she will live by herself, no roommates or boyfriend to share with. She’s finally got a job that supports her. It’s taken some time but we are both finally getting back on our feet and fully engaged in the real world again. It’s never easy to take on the responsibilities of adulthood so having parents around to help show the way to independence is important and necessary. I have never felt that my role as a mother ended when my kids turned 18!!

The past week at work went very smoothly. I’m still considered a newbie which I said is okay lol. I know it never lasts and at some point I’ll get more involved in the complicated stuff. For now, everyone tells me they are glad I’m there and that our department is staying more caught up with my help. They are so nice and appreciative where I work. I’m going to gain weight with all the treats and meals they bring in lol. Just Friday, they called each department into the managing partner’s office where she handed each of us a stack of bills to give us each spending money for the holiday weekend. They are unbelievably generous and thankful for every employee there. I’m in awe everyday that I was lucky enough to get in there. The leadership is amazing and they make sure it passes down to every other person there. We do work some overtime when there’s deadlines to meet but they show they appreciate the effort!!

I’m just about done with my probationary period which means I’ll have health insurance soon. Considering I used to sell employee benefit packages, I know how the entire package works. It’s tough to find employers in Florida who offer benefits or work their employees enough hours to qualify for them. This job was definitely a Godsend and I’m settling in quite nicely 🙂

My car decided to basically blow up. It still runs but the seals blew when the water pump went so it’s leaking like crazy and running worse everyday. I only drive it when I have to and tomorrow, I’m going to trade it in for a newer one. It was nice to have it paid off for a little while but this one is now not worth putting more money into. It would be for someone who wants to rebuild the engine but not when I get ripped off every time I go to a mechanic around here. I’m going to the same place I got this one from. They did me a real fair deal and they are nice people to work with so they’ve earned a repeat customer 🙂

This weekend has been a time for me to appreciate what I have in life as well as to remember that I have to do my part to help in the battle to maintain our freedoms so I can keep it all. I think we need to refocus our country and it’s my duty as an American citizen to do my part to make it happen. We need to make sure that it’s the right freedoms of the innocent and exploited that we’re fighting for. Our soldiers gave their lives to fight for the innocence of our children, not the right to turn them all into sexual predators and pedophiles. I will fight for a better World for our children. It’s the least I can do for bringing them here!!

Tomorrow, I’ll come home with a new car so I’ll end my 3 day weekend with a bang. I hope you have a fun and rewarding weekend as well. Be safe and enjoy your time off!!

Nite |- ) zzzz





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