Talking Tales

Obviously, I Couldn’t Keep Up With That Weekly Thing ;)

I’m so disgusted with the election campaign that I thought I’d drop a line here to let everyone know we’re all doing OK! It’s been a roller coaster ride for some time as our battle to expose the crimes in Porn Valley and now, elsewhere in our World, has grown in many directions. Our very lives were threatened once again, though through our writings and other social media efforts, our story is out in the public view now, so that brings us a good amount of safety.

Our spirituality helps more than anything. As you’ve watched our journey, you’ve seen how we could not have accomplished what we have and gotten to where we are if not by God’s grace and mercy. I’ve gotten into Christian and Gospel Rock which feeds my soul with Light and Hope that our efforts have made a difference in all our Worlds. I pray for guidance everyday in our battles as it is an Evil battle, for sure!

I decided to take the semester off from school to concentrate on making a difference in our upcoming election. It’s such a nasty and dirty business, the world of politics, that I wish things had gone differently. As we’ve ALL watched the porn industry continue to scam the public and media about the dangers of working there, it makes one realize just how messed up our system truly is. There’s a  whole lot of work to be done to bring some law and order back to our country. We’ve started several new blogs to address all the corruption and hidden agendas that are going on while our most influential people vie for more power to forward their agendas. Be sure to check them out. The TRUTH just keeps piling up and you WON’T believe where the evidence is leading us!!

Enough of that though, I know you come here for a more personal touch. This is my personal journal which I can’t write in much as long as I’m on this side of the war against sex trafficking, organized crime and political corruption. We are still defamed regularly and the hate crimes continue. We’re all dealing with it by going about our lives as best we can. We are all working and getting by. I got a new car because my last one finally died. It was never the same after the whole garage ripoff deal. I love having a newer car with more space but of course, the payment wasn’t welcome lol. I do feel much safer with my commuting to see family and friends so it’s been worth the trade off 🙂

Jobs are going good despite what the stalkers have tried to do. You have to have faith in the fact that there are good people who don’t care and understand. It takes time to find the right place in a good situation these days so it’s worth the effort to keep looking until you find good people and a good situation. I’ve got benefits now too so my script are covered. I sure won’t miss the free clinic though I’m glad they were there. It was definitely a place where the staff are overworked and underpaid.

I spend my weekends messing around at home or seeing my family and friends. Everyone is on alert about possible tracking due to the events that happened when I hit the political trail. It’s all we can do as we continue to go about our lives. We are determined that we will live our lives without their fear tactics. They lose ground every time they try to take us down. I think it’s important that people know what has happened to us but it’s even more important that you know life can and does go on and you can move past whatever you need to. It may not be fun or easy at times but we all have to fight back if we want a better World for all of our futures.I will not hide or run anymore. I like my life right now and I’ll do whatever it takes to keep it. I feel good as I see more people speaking out and standing up for what’s right and good in our World. It doesn’t come FREE either so we all need to take a stand for what’s right and good in this World!!

My grandbaby is getting bigger everyday and I still got a long ways to go to make it a safer World for her and all the others to come! Here’s to you helping me. It takes a NATION TO RAISE OUR CHILDREN!!