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TGIF: I’m Making a Deal with Myself to Write Here for a Weekly Recap, at the Least :P

This blog is now one of my favorite themes but I can’t seem to get here very often these days. It’s my own fault, I know. There’s not much going on in my personal life right now and what is, I can’t really talk much about it. I work, I keep my blogs updated and I see my kids whenever possible. This week is a boring one for sure. Between rent and fixing my car, I’ll be a few weeks before I get to have much fun again. Good news is it’s been raining for days here in Florida so there’s not much to do anyway lol!

We can always use the rain and it blocks the hot sun so we’re really enjoying the break from the heat. My grass is about a foot tall in the back. The front is only about 6 inches. It’s in the shade and there still isn’t much lol. The rain is helping it spread though and by the time I can get it cut, it will have seeded so we will have a thick lawn by mid summer. It just looks like a mess for the moment. ZeZe loves it because she can hunt lizards much better. They are more adventurous with the extra cover but that just means she can have more fun rooting through the tall blades out back 🙂

I was sure blessed with my job just in time for my car dilemma. I’m glad I decided to keep the one I have for awhile longer. I really don’t need another bill right now and cars are such money pits anyway. I should get caught up soon but as most who know me well, Murphy’s Law always takes care of any extra that comes in lol. I’ve learned to work around this law so I’m not at all concerned. It’s all in God’s hands and so far, He’s gotten me from point A to point B so that’s some historical data I know I can bank on 😉

I’ve gotten into a nice pattern for my days so I do get most things accomplished. Because of my activism work going so strong right now, it’s more important that I don’t share too many personal details about my life. I do have those pesky enemies who follow me religiously to scrap whatever they can about my life to mess with. While pretty much everyone knows about me now and I’m open about the whole story, I do have others that don’t need the hassle. Most people I know or have known my entire life are devoted to God so if one of my stalkers contacts them, they will add us to their whole church or group’s prayer list. I figure that’s a good thing so what they reap, so too shall they sow lol!

It’s been great being out of school so that I can concentrate on all the current events going on in our World. Some days, I read the headlines and shake my head at what’s out there. There’s way too much to post everything I see so I try to keep focused on the subjects I’ve chosen to highlight and the most important or relevant. That means I have to read alot to know for sure if it’s appropriate for my sites. Sometimes it’s about the fun or amazement of the story that gets me. I’m amazed at how much I read and know just by researching for my own work so I am enjoying the summer off from school. When August gets here, it will add one more thing back into the mix of my life again!!

This weekend, I’m stuck at home. It’s rainy and gray. I think it’s a perfect weekend for staying in bed. I love to curl up with a good book while I have old movies playing on TV lol. I’ve got to run a few errands tomorrow so when I get back, my weekend retreat begins. I also have a couple of new sites that need some work so those are on my agenda for Sunday afternoon when the rain is supposed to break 🙂

I have a week to go and I pass my probationary period at work. Nothing takes affect until July 1st since it’s a mid month anniversary but that fine. It’s finally here. They brought in lunch again today. I’m munching on the giant oatmeal raisin cookie I got for dessert. Life is definitely changing for me these days. I just put my feet up on the coffee table and sit back in awe!!

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