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Announcing ‘Moms Against Media’ (MAM) -My Newest Site Holding Leaders Accountable for Their Bad Social Decisions


Many people know me better as ex-pornstar, Desi Foxx, though I had a life for 47 years before spending a year and a half inside the porn industry. I am also the mother of 3 grown children and a grandmother to a beautiful grand-daughter! In fact, it was being a mother who was willing to do anything for her child that led me to Porn Valley where I worked to bring my 21 year old daughter home. She had been led there with the promise of stardom that is hyped in our American media every day! Thank God, she is back with our family and doing wonderfully. Now, I work to save other daughters and other mothers from going through what the entertainment World put our family through!!

I have been an anti-porn industry activist for the past 4 years after learning how the porn industry and Hollywood really work during the time I spent there. Our media and entertainment industries have a total lack of professional ethics these days as they promote a hyper-sexualized environment as families attempt to raise their children in a safe and healthy environment. They promote porn and the pimpology of America and are destroying our family values and our children’s futures for a healthy lifestyle everywhere. I decided to create ‘Moms Against Media’ (MAM) to raise awareness to the corrosion of our family values brought on by media, Hollywood, Porn Valley and our governments. We have to hold these companies, industries and political leaders accountable for what they portray and allow to be portrayed to our families. We have to remind them that we, THE PEOPLE AND CONSUMER BUYING POWER want the honor and sanctity of families and children to be upheld in our public forums!

I hope you find this resource library of the influential people, companies and leaders who create and distribute highly sexualized ads, articles, videos and opinions to be useful and educational. My goal in gathering them for your use is to help everyone make more educated decisions about the entertainment and products they allow in their homes and around their families. If you agree and want to protect our children and families, share this BLOG, follow me at @MomAgainstMedia and send an email or make a phone call to the contacts I’ve conveniently listed for your use in the sidebar. We have a voice. Use it and be heard!!



Diana Grandmason

(a ‘Mom Against Media‘ pornifying our Children)