Talking Tales

FINALLY, a Weekend to Myself – No Work. Good Thing . . . I Need to ReCoup!!

I’ve come home every night this week with the intention to catch up here. This is my personal journal, after all. And it’s not like I don’t have anything to write about lol. It’s been absolutely crazy lately. I’ll backtrack and fill you all in 😉

First of all, I just finished my 3rd week in my new job. It’s going absolutely wonderful. It hasn’t been an easy time. As a reminder, I started my new job with a sinus infection which took the first week to get over. The second week was much better as I felt good and had a basic understanding of my new position. I spend my days deep inside title work. Contract law is one of my passions so even though it’s administrative work, it fits the bill to keep me interested. Real estate is something I’ve worked in for several years now as a mobile closer. My sales experience from the investment world gave me the tools to make sure I got the signatures. Now I go through paperwork (albiet online) and public records all day working on real estate deals. Life is good!!

In the midst of beginning full time work again, I was finishing the semester of school. I decided to share my paper. I figured it was good practice for writing reports when I finish school and start my investigative work professionally. I also thought I should post something worthwhile here since it’s been so difficult to write lately. At least you knew what I was doing lol. One of my professor decided to finish class a week early so he doubled the workload along with finals. And then I had the research paper to do in my other class. Whew, I didn’t really think about it all. I just kept going until it was all marked off the list!

In the midst of that, my mom was due to head north for the summer. Yes, she is a snowbird. We always go over the weekend before she leaves to get one more visit in. She also has to clean out her frig, freezer and cupboards so we all get a weeks worth of groceries lol. She still hasn’t gotten used to living on her own so she always buys too much. She’s a couponer too so a deal is a deal hahaha!! I always miss her when she’s gone as it’s a great way to keep the whole family getting together on a regular basis. We are all about 60 miles from each other spread out across Tampa Bay. We’re all working full time as well so a family get together every 3-4 weeks is a blessing we all enjoy!

This weekend, I’m going to see the grandbaby. She is growing soooo much as she approaches her 1st birthday. She’s pulling herself up on furniture, crawling everywhere and getting into everything. She also has her first tooth. She is such a combination of all 3 of my kids and everyone says they can see me in her as well. She’s definitely all of our little pocketful of sunshine. They grow up way too fast and I’m not ready for her to go out in this World we’re in right now. I’m taking advantage of every second I can to spend with her. Being off work for a little while gave me the ability to babysit while she was still so little. Now she climbs all over me like I’m a big ole Grammy tree lol 🙂

This week I got a colonoscopy. The free clinic I go to here has been fantastic at getting me caught up on all my testing. I go at the end of this month for my bloodwork which they cover too. I will be getting benefits where I work now so I won’t have to use their resources much longer. They don’t use government funds so they need every dime. They have been a literal life saver covering my expensive prescriptions while I was off work. God has been very good to me. He blessed me with a clean test this week so I don’t have to go through that again for 5 years. Yeehaw!!

They were very nice to let me have the day off right after starting this job. I told them immediately because it was through the clinic so I couldn’t really reschedule. Strict rules so I don’t mess around with them. The company I work for is really great. I’m  actually nervous because it’s so good lol. They bring in lunch on Fridays a lot, have lots of incentives and really care about the whole process of being employers. I haven’t seen this kind of quality since I worked at the Bank in Michigan. Everyone is nice and relaxed yet very professional and hard working. I feel like I died and went to an alternate World back in 1994 lol.

With all this going on, I haven’t even talked about all the stuff going on with my other sites and blogs. I’ve got a good momentum going on posting items of interest that I want to share. I rebuilt Work-Buddies as it had a corrupt file that was causing problems. Basically my fault since I alter them to get the themes the way I want them to be. I’ve tried to do a variety of styles to show what’s possible with a little bit of knowledge. Monica tells me I’m the new WordPress Guru lol. I say not really. I just know enough to be dangerous 😉

I won’t go into everything going on as you can visit the sites to see for yourself much better than I can explain it all. Things are definitely out of control in Porn Valley and Foxx Media Group is heating up with the election and all the obscenity going on. And then I got a tip from one of you guys out there on a Groupon deal for KINK which, of course, sent me into action. Check out Porn in the Valley and Foxx Media Group for full details. We have petitions, boycotts and girlcotts going on and I really need your support on these important issues. It’s the time to start taking a stand if we want to have a healthy and safe future for our children. This takes up every bit of extra time I have which is fine. I’ve never been more informed about issues going on here at home and all around the World. We all need to better inform ourselves!!

I plan to work on the house this weekend as it has been neglected with everything else going on. Time to do some spring cleaning. It’s already in the upper 80s so summer is almost here in Florida. Next weekend is Mother’s Day and I’ll get to see all my kids. I’m also going to a banquet with my granddaughter and daughter. May is going to be a great month!!