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Raked 51 BAGS and Counting . . . The Piles of Leaves Just Go On and On

We’ve estimated the lot size of our yard to be about 75′ x 125′ at most. My house sits sideways on it so I have more side yard than most. I also have an easement area behind my back yard. A neighbor cuts it for us all so I don’t have to care for it. I’ve got about 70% of the yard done but that means I still have have about 20-30 bags left to rake and bag. What I have left is the hardest yet. The back has grass somehow so it’s like brushing hair that is wet and tangled. Raking each little clump of grass to fluff out the leaves is a slow and tedious process. But it’is paying off already so I just keep keeping on 🙂

I rake a little and then bag a lot so it breaks up the job and physical work. They each have their own challenges so the switch off let’s me work longer. I’m building up some great upper body strength in the process. I get two rewards from this job . . a cleaner and prettier yard and some nice muscles . . what more could a girl ask for lol??

I actually love yard work so even though I’ll have about 70 bags into this chore, it will be worth it to enjoy a nice yard again. My friends and family used to always get me Home Depot gift cards for presents because I get so much satisfaction out of a job well done 🙂  Now that I have an opportunity to work and get back on my feet, I may stick around here for awhile. I love my place and have told my landlords I would buy or rent to own if and when they’re ready. If not, I’ll stay here until I can buy. This house has everything I need and is perfectly located for work and family. There’s a ton of activities around so I could stay here and be quite happy for a long time!

I’ve got my bird feeder and bath set up now so the birds are finally coming regularly. My grandparents and great aunt and uncle were neighbors when I was growing up. We used to visit them often for long weekends. They lived a couple hundred miles from us but it was always worth the trip. They had huge yards with lots of trees so they had bird feeders all over the place so this is a special treat for me. The feeders and bath were my father’s which makes them even more precious to me. My whole family would bird watch while eating breakfast in the mornings and they also had a hummingbird feeder right outside the kitchen window so we could see some fascinating breeds of wild birds when we visited. So far, I’ve got a beautiful cardinal couple, some bluejays and orioles. There’s a huge woodpecker like I’ve never seen before with 2 smaller ones that are more familiar with what I have seen. I have 3 squirrels who clean up the scraps that fall to the ground everyday and there’s also 3-4 doves that hang out. They walk around the ground eating bugs in the yard so they are always welcome to come by and feast 🙂

I’ve already decided I’m going to get a couple of hibiscus, azaleas and bougainvilleas to add some color and fill to the side flowerbed and back yard I cleaned out. It will give some privacy between yards and desperately needed structure. The landlord will be thrilled and the upkeep is minimum so when I leave, the next tenant can enjoy the yard too.

I’m also getting a fence post so we can finally move the gate to the side of the house that the door is on. The dogs are enjoying the yard as much as I am these days so this small alteration will make a huge difference in ease to get them there.

Ze’s favorite thing is to go outside to play so I’ve used the opportunity to train her off lead which I’m amazed she is doing. She loves the yard so much that I open the door and she runs straight to the gate so I can let her into the fenced area. It’s hilarious since she could run off and have even more fun. But she’s convinced the best hunting ground is inside that fence which has given me the proper leverage to finally train her to go out without her leash. As you can see, she wears herself out. She loves this ladybug pillow I bought and has taken it over as her own 🙂

I have to write a research paper this week for my final homework in my Profiler class. It won’t take me long as it’s an easy assignment for me to do. I have to find an article about cyber crime and write about it. Since I do that everyday, I can whip one of these out in a few hours lol!

My Psychology class has 2 more classes after this week. I have an exam to take this week in this class as well. I want to get all the big assignments out of the way before starting my new job. That way I’ll have time to work on my sites after work each night. By fall semester, I will be used to the new workload so adding school back in will be smoother.

This week, I’m enjoying my time off as I count down the days until I start a new life. Work is a big part of our lives so where you work and who you work with are as important as what you do. I’ll be going to work for a national company in a profession that I’m used to working in. I’m definitely looking forward to beginning next week and taking on a whole new role in life!!