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I’m Dancing for Joy These Days – I Got the Job in Real Estate :)

After going through everything with the background check and tax forms, I still haven’t gotten an answer as to whether I was cleared to work the part time job. Yesterday afternoon, my cell phone rang. I saw from the caller ID that it was the real estate job that I hadn’t gotten a rejection letter from but I also hadn’t heard anything about getting the position. As soon as I saw the number, I knew I had the job. They said they would only call if they were offering me the position. Otherwise, I’d get the rejection letter.

It didn’t take me long to make the decision that this was the job I had to accept. It’s full time, full benefits. It’s quite a bit more money and there monthly bonuses. I’ve tried to get into this industry for many years and now, I’m finally getting the chance. I liked the organization when I visited for my interview so this is a possible career with a future. Whew . . . I didn’t think I’d ever get back to this place in my life. They are very busy which is why they are hiring and they said there’s plenty of overtime possible so I can actually get caught up!

I felt bad as I had to write the email to the recruiter of the other job letting them know I had made another choice while waiting for their decision. They were both great opportunities so I picked based on economics. I have my list of goals so I had to see which position would get me closer to them better and faster. The advertising job which could take me in a whole new direction had that exact problem as well. It would be going back 2 steps in order to go forward 1. I would need to change my schooling in order to compete for promotions. Where I decided to go heads exactly where I’m headed and I know it all so I can jump in and shine while continuing my schooling and my side work. It’s a straight shot in the direction I’m going and will also give me the possibility to maybe save a little too. Once I went over everything, I knew I had chosen the best option for my future!

I don’t start for another week so I get one more vacation to enjoy lol. That will also give me time to finish raking the leaves and other little projects I’ve got going. I got the supplies and put the finishing touches on my new flowerbed today. Not bad for $12 out of pocket, aye??

I bought some mulch, petunias and marigolds which added some nice color. My mom had given me some lights so I added those to highlight it at night. My roommate has to put the cord through the dryer vent so we can plug it in. As you can see, there’s already more leaves to clean up front too. I bought bags so I’ve got to gather what I’ve raked already before I make anymore piles lol.

We don’t get any break from homework for Easter so I’m working on my Profiler class. I already finished Psychology. There’s only a few weeks left so it’s winding down. I will finish this semester a couple of weeks after I start working. By the time I’m trained and going good, I’ll have the summer off to concentrate and get some hours in. I’ll have to work on my blogs and sites in the evenings and weekends like usual. It’s been absolutely grand to work full time for myself as I have for the past few months. My sites are all in various stages of growth but are all doing good and I can tell you all are enjoying having some fun options to visit. I hope they give you a good sense of who I really am. There’s a whole lot more to me than the porn industry work. I’m having fun finding things I love online that I can use in the different sites I have. My favorite songs, sayings and articles are now growing in an archive that I love to visit as much as anyone else 😉