I’m Writing From My Laptop that Crashed – Finally Up and Running Again :)

This week has been a great week even though I went the entire day of Monday with no answers about my job. I had a doctors appointment in the afternoon so I did some chores and kept busy until ready to leave. It was a follow up so I hoped it would be quick. It’s a free clinic so no such luck but the people are nice so you bide your time. My new primary care doc gave me a lab slip to get my blood work done in May. It’s also included in the program I’m on. We discussed how important preventive healthcare is and I told her I felt so much more optimistic about life now that my health is being taken care of. With proper treatment and preventative testing, I can still live a full and very productive life.

The only issue at the doctor’s was my blood pressure is running low again. Once again, I’ve been very active with my time off so I believe exercising may reduce another pill very soon. I’m going to monitor it for a few weeks until the next time I’m supposed to go in. Yesterday, I saw the GI doc and will be getting a colonoscopy within the next few weeks. I’m waiting on calls for that and my GYN checkup. This healthcare option has been a real answer to my prayers 🙂

Yesterday morning, I wasn’t up long when my cell phone rang. It was the manager I interviewed with at my new job that I wasn’t sure I still had. We talked about the situation and I told him what I could send in response to their request. He felt it was more than adequate so I forwarded the information right away. He and the recruiter both said we should be back on track so now it’s the normal wait and see to be sure there’s nothing found that they can’t live with. My background is clean as I always explain. I was registered with the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD) and the State of Florida Dept. of Insurance for 12 years. I’ve had a ton of these done. My credit sucks due to 2 divorces and a heart attack but hey, there’s more of you out there in that shape as well so we can only do so much when we’re also looking for work, right?? I’ve dug out of that mess once before so it’s just a matter of getting a good job and then it gets much easier to clean up all those little loose ends!

That means I will be starting either next week or the week after. They had said the background process is timely (now I see why lol) so they can’t set a date until that’s complete. For now, I’m enjoying my time off since it will be ending soon. This weekend is Easter so I’ll be visiting with family again. Some have to work which is sad on such a family oriented holiday but since my new job involves commercials and they go 24/7/365, I’ll be in the same shape soon. Good news is I’ll be working afternoons so I can still enjoy some time with families on holidays. I’ll just be packing a “To Go” bag so I won’t miss out on that turkey dinner lol.

After I got home from the doctor’s yesterday, I got a call from tech support about my computer. I had finally gotten into the warranty registration area so I had requested help with a factory restore. We went over the issues I had and where it stood which was basically dead lol. They could send me out a recovery disk for a small fee and shipping & handling. I was waiting on a payment to hit so I got the techie’s contact info to use when I was ready. After I hung up, my neighbor dropped by with a copy of the Windows I needed so I decided I’d try it before spending money.

Now, realize that I had tried 3 different copies thus far but none had worked. In fact, each time I tried an installation, I lost further access to work on the problem. The last had taken me to a black screen which said press “Ctrl, Alt and Delete” for more options. When I did so, I came back to the same black screen and instructions. I figured I’d give this latest copy a chance but if it didn’t work, I was ordering the recovery set. When I popped in the disk, the first time it didn’t work. I tried a different boot option and the process began. As I watched, it loaded up Windows. It took awhile but I was back in my computer. There were still issues but now I could work.

I had researched the issues I was having online and found that there were quite a few people who had this problem with this version of Windows. If you’re having issues with literally any topic, google it and you’ll be surprised at what you can learn to do on your own. I followed the steps to delete everything in all of the partitions as directed. I then did a clean install and now here I am typing away on it again. I said it feels like I just got a brand new computer. I had to re-install all my programs and files. Somewhere I picked up the same problem that started this. So now the game is to find the corrupted file that’s causing a pink haze to come and go on my screen. Arggg!!

Since I’m working on this laptop, I’m also cleaning up my old ones now. I’m setting up a network of sorts. While I may be going to work part time on the outside, I’ve still got plenty of work of my own to keep up with 🙂