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Life in the Slow Lane – Biding My Time Until Work Begins and Using the Free Time to Enjoy Family

I figure I best enjoy my vacation since I will be starting to work somewhere soon. Friday afternoon, I got a call from the company performing my background check. They want to verify my self-employment (never heard of such a thing) so they want copies of my tax returns and licenses. Well, I sent my licenses over no problem but I’m not sending tax returns to someone for a part time entry level job. I notified the recruiter who said she’d never heard of them doing such a thing. Of course, by the time we got this far it was 5pm so now I wait until tomorrow to hear if I still have the job or not. I’m really not sure about our world anymore. I mean, having to give such private information for a part time, low paying, entry level job is just plain crazy!!

Good news is I haven’t received a rejection letter from the real estate industry interview I went on so that’s still a viable option. The manager said I had the job though he had to send my resume through the corporate office. He said he wanted to have this done by tomorrow, April 2nd, so we’ll see. This position is also entry level but more money, full time and full benefits. It’s what I know so it would be easy. While the position offered already would be fun and interesting in an industry I’d like to learn more about, this position is full of perks and is in a great environment so I’d have to think seriously about it if the offer does come through.

I know I will end up with the job that’s right for me once all is said and done. I will also begin submitting resumes again just in case neither of these pan out. Finding work is a matter of numbers so you keep looking until you’re in and don’t consider yourself employed until you’re sitting at that desk and doing your job. It may be an employer’s market these days but the way I look at it is, they lose out on the cream of the crop because skilled and talented people simply won’t put up with these unrealistic requests and invasions of privacy. It smells too much like good ole corporate slavery. It’s like they want to own your life just to hire you. I find that employers with outrageous hiring requirements usually turn out to be the type of regressive employers that people with talent don’t want to work for anyway but for now, it’s still wait and see!!

Life is actually going really good for me right now, despite the aggravations of job hunting. My prescriptions are covered and my roommate is paying diligently so I can relax and enjoy life again. It took awhile to settle down in this place but now, I’m loving having a nice little yard to play around in and all the extra space in the house. I feel like I’m living in a real home again. My last place was so small and in a “not so great” neighborhood. Here, it’s peaceful and all the neighbors are real nice. Since I’ve been working in the yard, it’s given me a chance to get to know them all much better. I’m finished with the parts that the outside world can see. Now I have to get to the back yard. It’s not as bad either so I’m planning to work on it today and get some sun at the same time 🙂

I just finished my 3rd week in my Profiler class and week 11 in Psychology. I’m holding a steady B in Psych and just took my first quiz for the Profiler class. The time goes by so fast that it’s already time to sign up for summer classes. I won’t be attending summer semester this year. I just don’t have the funds so I’m going to use the time to finish writing my books and get them published. It’s taken some time to get my head wrapped around the way I want to put it all together. I’ve begun the process but with school and going back to work, it will take me more time than I originally thought.

Right now, I’ve been spending time with my grandbaby. I babysat again this week. She is getting so big, it’s a workout nowadays lol. We play and cuddle and she climbs everywhere. She has found out that her hands work great so she grabs everything, including my earrings, and she’s gotten so fast that she yanked one out the other day lol. I was lucky that the clasp gave way. She was quite pleased with herself that she got a hold of it so fast lol. She is one of the happiest babies I’ve seen in a long time. She is definitely my little sunshine. God blessed us all big time the day he gave us that baby!!

The time I’ve had off has been extremely good for me. It’s given me time to rest and revitalize myself. I’ve had time to set up my websites and get my home office in order. Getting the whole house situated after moving has been wonderful. Life is finally starting to go normally again. It took a couple of years to get settled again but when I look around, I feel like I’ve gone back to before all the stuff happened with my daughter entering the sex industries. It’s like we got a do over. I look around and my family is all doing fabulous as I’m beginning a new chapter of my own life!!

As a parent, we all want what’s best for our children. My mother has always told me, she didn’t care what I did as long as I was happy. I feel the same way about my children. They know I love them unconditionally. I only wish for their happiness and whatever makes them happy makes me happy as well. The best part of my relationship with my children is they only want what makes me happy for my future too. My children are one of my best accomplishments. The time I’ve had off I’ve gotten to enjoy seeing them all more. These are the things that are important in life. We all need careers that still allow us to put time in with our families. It’s the best investment to be made with our time that our entire World cashes in on!!