A New Job, Prescriptions Covered, Landscaping and Suntans . . . I Love Mondays!!

I made it through the weekend after having two interviews and not hearing anything by end of day on Friday. It’s always tough when you have to wait for an answer for a position you really want. Both interviews went great and both jobs are with great companies that value their employees so if either one comes my way, I was going to grab it. Both are entry level positions with a great possible future and lots of learning to do!

Sunday, I spent the afternoon with my kids and my sweetie grandbaby. She is getting so big and we are the best of buds. She’s almost 9 months now and I recently realized that I have visited her once a week since her birth. Well, a couple of times, it was more like 10 days between visits but since we live an hour apart, that’s a pretty good record to hold lol. It’s given me the time to build a real relationship with this wonderful little addition to our lives. She knows her “Grammy D” quite well and she’s always happy to see me 🙂 Before I left, my daughter gave me some leftover landscaping bricks they had so I got home late that evening and unloaded the car. More has to be done on the yard real soon.

Monday morning, I got up knowing it was a day of answers. I was told by one of the companies that they were going to make a decision by end of day Monday so I would know about one job, for sure. I started the day doing yard work. When I took Ze out in the morning, I just had to get going. I still had all those leaves to finish cleaning up and now I also had these new bricks to place. I had moved some of the pitiful plants around over the weekend, hoping they’d have a better chance with some sun.  I just needed a border to go around the new flowerbed and then I could start filling it in. I didn’t even use all the brick given to me so it went perfectly considering they were all free. Here’s what I’ve gotten done so far (It was a mess of rotted landscape timbers and leaves before. I still need to buy some mulch and a few brightly colored flowers but the foundation of the bed has been laid!

My cat, Blaze (the one I inherited when my daughter got pregnant. He never went home lol), saw the water dripping over the sides of the birdbath and decided he was thirsty so he did this hilarious stretch to reach in and take a few laps. I couldn’t figure out how to get my video camera going but I was able to snap a couple of shots before he went back to chasing the squirrels. He’s a great cat to have except for the fact that he does scare the birds and squirrels off now that I have my birdbath and feeder set up again.

After I finished the flowerbed, I headed to the side yard where there were still tons of leaves, especially in a big flowerbed located there. I got that cleaned out and moved a few plants around there too. I raked the area around the bed and that was about all I had energy for. I got like 8 piles ready to bag out of about 30 minutes of raking and the areas directly around the house are all clean now. I may only be a renter but I love to have a pretty yard to enjoy. This was definitely a neglected yard when we moved in but now, it’s starting to look like a real home again 🙂

Once worn out from yard work, I headed to the back to enjoy some sun. The dogs came with me so they could play. Ze has begun whining all morning until I finally give in and take her out there for her daily romp. She used to play out there once a day for about an hour. Now it’s up to twice a day with 1 1/2 – 2 hours for each playtime. It’s like giving the kids recess lol. She is obsessed with chasing the little lizards we have everywhere in Florida. While I was copping some rays, Ze chased the lizards and my roommate’s dogs chased each other lol. I had a full 1 1/2 hours in the sun before I heard my cellphone ring. By the time I got up and over to the table it lay on, the call had gone to voicemail. Man!! Didn’t really matter though. This manager had told me we would only get a call from them if we were getting a job offer so I knew that the job was mine!

As you all know by now, I have cyberstalkers so I have to be careful how much detail I give or they will begin to harass an employer to do their best to get me fired before I even start. I can tell you the job is in advertising and is with a solid company with tons of employees. There’s plenty of room for growth and advancement and I’ll be part of a company that does a lot of fun things for their employees. There’s even benefits available once full time and probation is over. It’s part time to start but 30+ hours so close enough for the time being. It’s an entry level position so the pay is pretty low but enough for me to get by on. The opportunity to learn this business from the bottom up is worth the sacrifice of comfort and fun for now. This is a dream come true for me to get into this exciting industry.

I start in 2-3 weeks, they’re still working on setting up our training. My position is linked to the UK which is cool since I already know many facts about their country, lifestyle and culture from my research for blogging. In fact, I mentioned this in my interview and he said that helped make his decision. I’m going to be working as a production assistant for commercials. I’m so excited about this new career opportunity that I danced around and laughed all evening as I made my calls to share the exciting news with friends and family. You’re seeing a new career in the makings. This position will take my current marketing skills to a whole new level so I’m psyched 🙂

After getting this news, I headed out to the mailbox to check the mail because the other company said they would send a letter if they were turning me down. I saw the postman go by when I was heading into the house to return the job call. Instead, I had a letter from the pharmaceutical company that makes my most expensive prescription, at $212 a month. They accepted me into their assistance program so they are sending me a 90 day supply, to be here in the next 7-14 days. Whoohoo!!

Monday turned out to be one of the best days I’ve had in a long time. God is truly looking out for me and has blessed me with many good things in my life. He has taken care of all my needs. Life is good 🙂