Opportunities are Out There – 2 Interviews and 3 Possibilities

The week has ended even better than it began. That was a tough thing to do since I started the week spending two days with my grandbaby. Tuesday we cleaned up the front yard and it’s paying off already. We have St. Augustine and Bahia grass and it rained Wednesday real good. Because we had uncovered what little grass there was, the rain gave it a good watering and we’re already seeing patches spreading. We still have the rest to finish which will get done Tuesday on my roommate’s day off. It takes a team effort to get this job done!

Since it rained Wednesday, I spent the time doing homework and working on the sites. It takes 2-3 hours to research for relevant information and get it all posted and formatted right. Finding the right image can sometimes be the hardest part. But part of the reason I love blogging is that I find the most interesting stuff out there when I’m researching. My graphics library is getting extensive. Since my computer crashed, I’m keeping my files on a zip drive. I am still trying to get the crashed laptop back up and running. I got it to flash Windows but then it still goes back to the same issue. There’s a few of us working on it at this point. I can’t get it to reformat completely so I have conflicting files going on that keep it from booting right. The only things I miss is the battery which this one doesn’t have anymore, the numeric keypad that is on my newer one and there’s a couple keys that don’t work very well. It slows me down alittle bit but not enough to stop me 🙂

So, yesterday was my first interview. It’s with an international company and a great opportunity in marketing and advertising. The interview went great so I feel I have a good chance. It’s an afternoon shift which could be convenient. This is a career opportunity that would also enhance my marketability in media and marketing. The only downside is it’s the lowest pay of what’s in front of me now but it has many other great perks that make this a great possibility.

This morning, I had an interview with a company related to the real estate market. I’ve tried for 10 years to get into this industry with no luck until today. I even have some solid experience as a closer and I worked in commercial mortgages for a time while at the bank back in Michigan. I have never, in 10 years, received a response from a real estate or related office. Today, I interviewed and he basically told me I had the job. He’s got to meet with senior management but he said I was the best qualified he’d seen and he made several good comments about what I could offer them. This position is definitely a career builder where I could spend many years. There’s benefits and they do fun things for their employees. The starting pay is within my range so this is definitely a serious option for me.

I got back home and checked my emails and guess what I found. Another interview to schedule for early next week. This is yet another perfect position for me with someone who is quite dynamic already. It’s a further distance from the other two jobs but not enough to put me off. I will probably move at the end of my lease to be a little closer to my mom and kids and if I got this position, I could move back to the area I lived for many years when we first moved to Florida. I haven’t been able to entertain that idea because it’s too far to find a job down there and drive from where I live now but this would open up that option so I have to look at it seriously. It’s also only working for one person and it’s the highest pay. I’ll lose the extra pay in driving but it’s an interesting opportunity for me too.

All of these are career building offers and I’m sure I’ll land one of them. I’m going to enjoy this weekend as I feel the stress of finding work slipping away with each and every passing moment!