20 Bags Later and the Front Yard is Done – Now, On to the Back and Sides

I told my son that I remember when raking leaves was fun. We would go to my grandparents who had a huge yard in north Michigan with lots of trees. We would spend all day raking and jumping in the piles before my grandpa would come out and start burning the piles. We would always roast hotdogs and marshmallows. Yeah, it was so much more fun when I was a kid lol.

We raked 20 bags to clear the front yard. Now, mind you, the front yard is quite small. The neighbors stopped by to commend us on the clean up. The last owner here had not cleaned the yard in years. I can believe it. 20 bags don’t come from one year in a yard you can spit across lol. We still have the sides and back to do. I’m guessing we have about 20 more bags. Whew, my arms are tired already!!

Good news this week, I have two really good interviews scheduled and a possible third that I’ve already received a preliminary response. Three different industries but all fun and interesting possibilities. I’m looking for a position with a future. I want a career again. One is in an industry I’ve wanted to be a bigger part of for a long time now. I already have experience in real estate so this could be a great career opportunity for me. The other two have to do with marketing and advertising. That type of work is always fun and both positions have great growth possibilities. If I can get in front of decision makers, I know I will get the job!!

My new business card site at DianaGrandmason.com has become very successful in helping to market myself. Everyone should consider doing something similar if they are looking for a job. At the very least, you should have a social media profile to send prospective employers to. And you should always be respectful online so that they can see you’re a decent person to work for them when they do go looking (and they will look). If you wouldn’t say or do it around a boss or co-worker, you shouldn’t be doing or saying it online. DianaGrandmason.com is a great way for employers to see who I am, how I present myself and how I write and organize my work. It’s the first impression that is so important. By having a website to send them to, they don’t need to google my name. I’ve presented what they want to see and I’ve shown them what I’m capable of by sending them straight to my site. That’s what you want a prospective employer to see. That can land you the initial interview that could give you the position of your dreams!

My birthday was Sunday so I just turned 52. I’m feeling great and not at all concerned with my age at this point. I feel I started a new life when I turned 50. I know the second half of my life will be even better than the first. I spent the day with my family and got to play with my granddaughter all afternoon. Monday, I babysat all day so it has been the best birthday week ever. The only thing missing in my life right now is a good job and a real man. Hopefully the interviews will bring me the career that I want. Then the only thing that will be left for me to obtain is a meaningful relationship with a good man!!

It’s all about setting your goals and then having the determination to go after them!!