In Florida, Winter Showers Bring March Flowers . . . And Leaves, And Bugs, And Pollen

Since I did the spring cleaning of the house last week, this week, I spent in the yard. As I sit here Friday night, my body says I’m done but the yard says I’m not lol. I spent 3 hours trimming shrubs out front. I had to spray the yard for bugs. And then there’s the raking that needs to be done. We had a huge nest of branches in a tree in the back yard that was obviously left by utility workers trimming around the electrical lines. My roommate pulled it down into the yard so that was a mess to break down and pile up for firewood. I love to have a fire in the evening. Roasting hotdogs and making smores is my favorite. Now all I have to do is build a fire pit 🙂

I finished my midterm exam today though I’m not happy with my grade. I got another 73. My psychology class is very hard. It’s all technical terms and what doctor made what advance in psychological history. While we’ve all heard about Sigmund Freud as being a major player in how psychology was formed, he’s actually a small fish in an ocean of people involved. I believe there’s over 100 so far and I’m only halfway through the course. It would seem everyone has a say in how our minds work and our behavior is formed lol.

My hacker/pedophile/predator course just started with the usual introduction and base reading. An easy week which was good considering the midterm exam and a normal load of homework in psychology. Not enough information yet to see how interesting this class will be. There’s a lot of crossover reference in the criminal law classes I’ve taken so it’s familiar. I ended my Intro to Computer Related Crime Investigations course with an 88, a solid B. Again, it was highly technical teaching how to investigate and hack networks and computers. Very good stuff to know and understand what others are capable of.

I enjoyed a day of laying out in the sun so finally have the beginnings of a tan. It’s spring break time here so I decided to hang out in the yard. Now you can see why I got some yard work done lol. Reports are traffic is horrendous to and from the beach right now so I’ll wait a few weeks until tourist season is over to take my trip to the beach. I love to people watch during tourist season but I’m just not into fighting the traffic and parking to go there when it’s at its’ peak time. For now, I hang with the puppies out back. It’s been absolutely gorgeous out so I’m enjoying every minute of the time I have off.

I do have to admit that I’m getting rather bored. I’m getting more aggressive at looking for work. Not only would the extra income be handy but I really miss interacting with people like you do when you’re working. I’m taking a break from the computer after spending 2 months building my media empire 🙂 I’ve started working on my book so now I need a new project to keep my goals on pace for my future!!




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