Spring Breaks, Spring Cleaning and Crashing Computers – Oh Yeah, Life is Fun!!

I have had an absolutely fantastic week yet I’m down a computer along the way lol. You’d think I’d be freaking out but actually, I’m doing fine as long as I have something to work on. There’s 4 computers in the house so these solar flares and magnetic shifts have a ways to go to stop me 🙂

The week started with finishing the transfers of all FMG sites. There’s still some tweaking to do to finish them up but they were like that when I started. I’ve got my 9 sites which is all I need for now though I have more domains and hosting programs if I come up with something else. I picked up a client who has a bunch of stuff to sell on EBay. I have a shop there but haven’t used it in a couple of years. He is giving me a nice chunk of whatever I can sell. He’s a games collector so a good portion of it will be older game systems and cartridges. In the midst of setting this up, taking photos and getting everything listed, I am still going to be working on my book.

As my life is always run by Murphy’s Law, of course my laptop crashes as I’m getting ready to work on my book. It crashed so bad I’m going to have to take it to be fixed. It should still be under warranty but just barely. I can’t believe a laptop less than a year old is useless for now. It won’t recognize the drives to be able to re-install so I’m done trying. Good news is I have all my work backed up so I lost the computer but life goes on 🙂

Once I got the sites completed, I decided to do some spring cleaning around the house. It’s warming up nicely here while the rest of the World is still experiencing wintertime. We’ve got pollen everywhere so the house needed a good dusting. Once I started, the rest was in need so I cleaned everything and the house is looking great again. My roommate had some stuff around so we consolidated it until he can finish going through it. I rearranged the living room which really opened up the place so today, I’m enjoying the day off while I look at my work 🙂

Today, my new class starts. I just finished downloading the syllabus and assignments for the course. I’m finally taking Profiling Hackers, Predators and Pedophiles Online. This is the class I’ve been waiting for. I believe I’d be great at profiling. I’ve already got some experience and I sure know alot about those predators online. I’m already reading the first assignment. This is definitely where the fun begins!!