Holy Crap. I Just Finished Moving Over 1000 Entries for PornintheValley.com Transfer!!


 Me after moving 1000 entries for PITV :}

I thought I should drop you all a line since I am FINALLY done with the PITV transfer. Whew . . That was the biggest job I’ve ever done on my blogs. It feels great to be done. Well, almost done. I had to cancel the blog program that was installed and now I’m waiting for the WordPress install to complete. It says my site is suspended but it’s okay, I’m the one who’s making changes.

As you can see, I’ve been extremely busy. It’s been paying off with increased awareness so it’s been worth every minute I’ve put into all my websites. I have included DianaGrandmason.com to my resume so prospective employers can view my portfolio of work. I have 2 more sites to build out before I can begin active marketing campaigns. DesiDivine.com will become another worksite once the PITV conversion is complete. Then I recently purchased PITVOnline.com to house my video vault that used to be attached to the old Foxx Media Group site. Once I’m done, there will be a nice group of websites to give everyone someplace to visit to get their “D” fix lol.

One of my best friends will call me when she’s decided to come to Florida saying she needs a “D” fix. I know PITV is tough for some of my friends and followers to stomach so now there’s plenty of choices to help support my work. The more support there is, the further the truth travels. These are some exciting times as I see how far this whole project can go. So far, God has surpassed even my vivid imagination with his miracles so I hope you are all enjoying your Daily Dose of “D”!!

I have one more week to get all of my computer work in line because I’ve set a deadline so that I can take some time for writing. I have budgeted to be able stay home until the end of March. After that, unless I get money coming in from working at home, I’ll have to go back to office work. That will mean less time on these important issues so I must stick to my schedule in case that happens. Who knows, if my book goes well, it may help extend my time to work on more projects 🙂

I got to spend some time this weekend with my family. It’s been nice lately being home because I have time to do things I want to do. I babysat last week for my granddaughter. I get to one more time this week as well. That is priceless time I treasure most. She’s almost 8 months now and getting so big, she’s already starting to crawl. We had a great time playing all day last week when I watched her. She’s got good at using her hands so she loves to pull my hair and grab my face lol.

Things are settling down with my roommate. He’s got little dogs too so Ze has new friends. She’s starting to play like a puppy again which is great. Mooey’s getting old so she has no patience for playing anymore. It means I can leave Ze at home and she won’t be alone. She does suffer from seperation anxiety so this is healthier for her peace of mind.

Well, it looks like the updates are done so I can start working on rebuilding Porn in the Valley on its’ own domain. Keep your fingers crossed that the move goes smoothly. I’ve got back up plans if it doesn’t. It would just be nice to have everything go right so I can relax and watch my favorite Monday night TV shows 🙂

Have a Great Week!!