Enjoying Some Much Needed “Me” Time

While it hasn’t been warm enough to go to the beach yet, I have been enjoying relaxing and getting caught up on life. I had to take a break from transferring Porn in the Valley so created “Call Me Sunshine” for a fun distraction 🙂

I’ve been getting caught up on school work as well so my grades have come back up. I’m still at a high B for now but moving to an A as my attention to this important work increases. With all the fun I’m having creating and running my websites, I’m thinking after I get my degree in Computer Related Crimes, I’ll go for marketing so that I can expand this side of my work too. Investigating cybercrime is serious work while marketing is the fun side of things. I have a strong background in marketing so it would be worth the time to document it with a degree. And having more than one way to make money at home makes working for myself even closer to a reality. We’ll see!!

As you’ve noticed by now, all my sites have new affiliate banners for popular products many of you purchase and use in your lives. I am excited to have gotten approved with some very well known and reputable companies so you can use their sites for purchases with no worries. This is a way for you to help support my work. If you use these products and are going to make purchases anyway, please purchase them on my sites to help support my work. I do all my sites for free and have always covered the expenses on my own because I want you all to be able to enjoy and utilize my work. You regularly ask what you can do to help me. Sharing my sites and information with others so they can learn the truth is the most important thing you can do. Next would be to help support me through these affiliates so that I can devote more time to this important work. I thank you all in advance for your purchases and as always, thank you so much for your contiued support!!

The weather has been all over the place this week. We’ve had days with highs of 55 or less which is cold for Florida. We then went to 77 which is a huge temperature swing to manage. From there we’ve gone back to raining and that’s what we’ve got today. It’s gray and gloomy which is fine with me. It’s the perfect kind of day to curl up with a good book and do nothing else. I think I’ll do that with my textbooks and get ahead of the game for a change lol. That way if it ever does get warm enough for the beach, I’ll have the time to take that day for some more “Me”  🙂

I’ve been using this time off to focus in on what I really want and where I want to go from here. Goal setting is very important and usually life is so busy, it’s no wonder we tend to get lost on our way to our futures. This is the first time in the 20 years I’ve been working that I’m not feeling guilty about taking this time to gather my thoughts, set my goals and strategize for obtaining them. Because my life is always somewhat of a moving target, it can seem difficult but it’s really not. If you feel it’s impossible in the midst of so much going on in your life, don’t worry. There’s plenty of things to do out there that work around those issues. I’m learning more about them and will share as I find those that work. There’s much research to be done but it’s coming along. The opportunities are endless!!

I’m also using this time to frame my thoughts for finishing my book. I’ve written many chapters and different papers on our story so it’s a matter of how to put it all together in book form so I can cover the issues yet share a story too. There will be portions of Porn in the Valley published with it. I’ve got one more week before I start putting it all together in actual book format. For now, it’s running around in my head which is how I always start to write.

It is interesting to me the way that I create my writings. While I can mull it around in my mind for days, weeks or even months, I never really know what’s going to come out until my fingers start doing their magic 🙂 We’ll see!!


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