Another Week and Another Mid-Term – Whew, Glad to Be Past That One

I got an 80% on my Psychology test which I felt pretty good about lol. It covered all that eye and ear technical stuff. We’re getting into the interesting topics such as dreams and behaviors so that part of the test was easier. I’m into my 6th week of this semester. That makes it about 35% done with this class and I only have 3 classes left of my computer crime class. I will probably not attend summer classes only because they don’t provide funding for the summer semester. If they did, I wouldn’t interrupt the rhythm of attending full time. We’ll see :}

I’ve made it past the 50% mark on Porn in the Valley. What a job this has become but it had to be done. I have to take breaks as my carpal tunnel sets in if I go too long. I’ve been getting some things done around the house to change things up. Getting my home office set back up has been a priority and now I have time. I’ve already picked up a couple small jobs of which I figure every dollar counts. Right now, I have to stick to my schedule to get what I’m after. Life is right on track for now so I just have to keep it that way lol.

For valentines day, I got myself 3 new angel fish for my tank. They are babies but look exactly like the 3 big ones I’ve had for some time. They are doing great and fitting into the community very well. I’ve enjoyed collecting angel fish for many years now.

For my granddaughter, I got a giant caterpillar that matches her bedroom perfectly. I took it over today and she loved it. It’s more like a body pillow for kids lol. I said it would’ve been great to have when she was smaller to help prop up our arms. She just turned 7 months and is cuter than ever. We had a great time today even though she’s teething so was a little grumpy. I didn’t care, she’s adorable even when she’s crying 🙂

On the agenda for this week is to get my car fixed the rest of the way. It’s actually just fixing what the mechanics messed up so I’m hoping I have better luck this time. I’ve got 2 mechanic referrals which is at least a good place to start. I also have to go to the DMV and update my license so I can keep my health insurance. It’s a clinic requirement so I can get my prescriptions covered. There are programs out there to help with these type of needs. You have to be willing to jump through the hoops and keep up with their demands but once you find a program you can work with, it’s worth it. It does feel like a part time job at times though to get these things going. I wish the red tape was more manageable. Definitely not holding my breath on that one though lol.

The weather has been cold with a high of 53 today. The rest of the country must be freezing so I’m not complaining at all. It’s been a gorgeous winter with cold spells only lasting a day or two. I’m waiting for the next warm stretch to get a beach day in. I think the meditation and warmth of spending a day in the sun and sand is exactly what I need to get the creative juices flowing. As soon as this school semester is over, I will have plenty of time to devote to my book!!

In the meantime, I have got to hit the schoolbooks if I want to keep my 4.0 gpa 🙂