Arggg . . . Mid Term Was Tough – Holding Strong With a Solid B in Computer Related Crimes

I don’t know if it’s because I took a couple days off or if it was because the content was so technical but I only got a 73% on my mid-term for Computer Related Crimes. I take my Psychology mid-term this weekend so we’ll see how that goes. The hardest part to swallow is the fact that these tests are open book. I got the overall concept but it was all about DoS and DDoS attacks so very technical answers. I always have a hard time when there’s answers that are very close to right included with the all the way right answer. Tricky stuff. I know I had one class like this last semester and still came out with a 4.0 gpa so I have to buckle down and it will happen again 🙂

This week has been full of good things in my life. I paid off my car this week. I get the title Friday. It’s been years since I’ve had a car and not a payment so this will be very different lol. I am happy to have that bill off my budget. I’m tightening my belt, so to speak, so I can take the time off to write.

My plans are to finish transferring Porn in the Valley (about 45% there now. Uggg!) to the new template, build 2 more sites and update my business site so I can make some money from them. Then I’m going to work on my book. Things have come a long way on my blogs recently so it’s time. It’s taken a long time to figure out how to tell my story. There’s been some great feedback from friends and followers which has helped me narrow my scope on how best to convey everything. It was them who made me decide to take this leap. I’ve got 2 months set aside to knock the rest of the first book out. From there, we’ll see. I’m just going with the flow of it all lol!!

I hired a lawncare guy last week so he cut the grass today. The dogs haven’t been able to run around out there since the stickies grew too prevelant. He did a great job so I took them for some run and play time this afternoon. It’s cold and cloudy here today but at least it’s not raining anymore. Yesterday, we had thunderstorms which are quite uncharacteristic this time of year.

Sunday, I bought a new cell phone and got the Blackberry so I can be part of their #BeBold campaign. Somewhere in the midst of everything else, I have to figure that one out lol. It will be fun to get involved and maybe do some networking as well. I told everyone in the phone store about it so I hope some of them bought Blackberries as well. I feel very strongly about supporting kid friendly products and services. You should do your research and choose wisely when making purchases.

My roommates are settling in nicely though for now, there’s stuff everywhere. I’m so happy I didn’t have to move again right now. For now, life is settling in quite nicely and I’m busy working on my goals. 2 months of nothing but ME work. What more could a girl ask for??