Some Things Worth Having are Worth the Wait – God, Please Grant Me Some Patience


I mentioned recently that the snowbirds are in Florida which does change our population drastically. It also changes the pace with which we do everything lol. Getting around town can take hours to accomplish anything. Sometimes life can be like that too.

I’ve been wanting to change the format of my blog “Porn in the Valley. The current format doesn’t allow for any altering really which limits how I can make it look and utilize the space. As you’ve seen, my WordPress skills have grown as I’ve gotten used to the templates. I usually find 10-15 that might work for what I’m creating but then I have to find one that is easy to manipulate since I’m a beginner at code. You should check out the new template HERE. It gave Porn In The Valley the looks of a fun porn news magazine with feature photos that completely enhances the look of the information reported. Once I’m done moving the entries over, I will assign it to the proper domain and finalize the changes. For now, enjoy the process!

The main issue with making this change is that the old format won’t import into any other blog program. It’s something I’ve known for a little while but I’ve blogged there for almost 4 years so what could I do. At some point you have to bite the bullet and make the move. There’s almost 800 entries which I’m moving over manually, one entry at a time. Yuck! If you find that the format you’re working in doesn’t convert easily from program to program, move it now and go to something that’s universal. There’s already 140 entries moved but it will take me a good 10 days to do the whole project which could’ve been avoided had I known about this flaw.

In the meantime, I’m in Week 4 of classes. In Psychology, I learned about our senses and how each works to give us sight, sound, taste, feel and smell. That’s what I’m talking about, it goes way back to the very basics. Arggg! In my Computer Crime class, I learned about DoS and DDoS attacks, malware and many other nasty network enemies. It has great resources to use to practice your skills while learning how to protect your network. That has been hugely informative as well as fun to mess around with 🙂

I bought a new domain this week that will be a fun site for me to create. I’ve got so many ideas now and putting them each to a website is a blast to build and develop. I talked to someone today about how to build a new site for their group so I gave some instruction and offered my services if needed. The future is on the internet so it’s crucial to be able to utilize it fully. I’m also happy to see that regulation against criminals is beginning to be enforced. I know I feel so much better now that I’m doing what I want to stake my cyberspace 😉

Just as with our senior parttime residents here in Florida who tend to slow us down, life isn’t always better faster if we all can’t have an equal opportunity to the tools of success. There’s a ton of information out there if you use the internet for what it was intended. Starting searching the web for what your goals are. You will be both surprised and inspired by what’s at your fingertips as tools. I really am amazed at what I find out there on the World Wide Web these days 🙂

The week’s plans are to get ready for mid-terms. They creep up so fast. These classes are pretty smooth now so my grade point average is hanging tough. It’s a one day marathon to put together these big assignments. The rest of the time will be spent getting PITV moved over. I have another week until school grants pay out so for now the budget says staying home saves money. I did get to run over to see my little sunshine for the afternoon. Refreshes my resolve to see her precious little face each visit so now I’m ready for another week to begin 😉

Anything worth having is worth the time and effort to get it. Go after your dreams. Don’t let anyone stop you. If your heart is in the right place, you WILL always win in the end!!