Working on This, Working on That – Gotta Keep Those Plates Spinning


I wrapped up my job so now I’m back to looking for work. I check the want ads and look for small businesses needing alot of help and not offering a corporate job. I really don’t want to work for Corporate America anymore and they won’t hire me with the adult industry in my background so it works out pretty well. There are slow times but I’m going to school too so that helps me along. It is straight forward to get school loans. If you need to make a change in your life, just do it. I hated to go into debt in this economy but it is really the only way to move up and beyond in the job market we are going to be in for a while, it seems.

I’m in my 3rd week of school and I’m still having fun with my computer crime class. The Psychology is dragging which is sad because it’s the 16 week course. It reminds me of when I took piano lessons as a kid. I wanted to play songs off the radio and my teacher made me learn all the history first. As children, we always want to rush into life as an adult. As an adult, it’s sometimes nice to feel like a kid again too 🙂

I enjoyed seeing my family this weekend though not everyone could make it. Life is hectic for us all so it’s always hard to find a schedule that works. I did get some great cuddling time with my grandbaby. She’s just growing like a weed and more beautiful everyday. She is so smart as she takes in the World. I will spend the rest of my life making a better world out there for her 🙂

That’s my entertainment for now as I work on my sites and schoolwork. My new roommates just moved in which is great. It’s nice to have company again since this is a good sized place just for one person. We get along great so this is very positive. I’m really ready to settle down and pound out some work now that I’m going lol!!

The point I keep in mind has always been, the more things you have going on in life, the better your chances for success. I loved the first time I saw someone spinning plates and it’s been a visual of what my life has always been. This video shows it can be a beautiful thing if done right. You just have to get those plates spinning and then work on sychronizing your life to keep pace with what you started!

Watch what these little girls are capable of. We are all capable of so much more!!