I’m Driving in the Fast Lane These Days. Whose Path are You Driving in, Yours or Someone Elses??

It’s what we Floridians call “Snowbird Season”. Our population doubles each year between November and April as senior citizens from all over the World come here to bask in our warmth. Not that it’s been exactly warm these days. I know I can’t get much sympathy for our 55 degree days as the rest of the country is experiencing the true realities of winter.

I started school this week so everyday, I think about writing here but then homework and life gets in the way. It will take me another week or so to get this new momentum down as Porn in the Valley has been relentless in the coverage I’ve been having to devote there. This past week, I haven’t had much time for others work. It’s been spent keeping up with the deluge of information I’m receiving at my home office for now. I hope someday to make more of all this work. Writing is my passion so I want it to be my career someday as well.

As I drove yesterday to visit my mom and grandbaby, I thought about all that has been changing in my life as I am driven toward my goals and dreams. I came up with a great analogy to explain what it feels like right now. I most definitely feel like I’m in the fast lane of life. Opportunities are everywhere. You just have to grab them because they change every minute!!

Think about driving on the freeway. You get behind a semi truck and grab alittle of that tailwind that helps your gas mileage and makes the ride alittle smoother, right? You think this is a great way of traveling. Saves you some money and makes the trip somewhat easier to navigate. The problem with driving through life behind someone else is you never get to see what’s ahead so you can make your own decisions about what lies there. You miss the roads of destiny that exit off the highway you’re on because it’s so much easier to follow along in your current path. What opportunities are you missing by only looking at one way of getting through life??

What I have done recently is to pull out head on into the fast lane. I feel like one of those dogs you see hanging out the window with their hair straight back and tongue hanging out 😛 I can see everything and feel it all. Life is like that when you step out front, take control of your own destiny and become your own leader!!

Now that I’m in the fast lane, I see that there are opportunities in EVERY SINGLE second of every day. I can’t grab at even a small percentage of them so I try to grab each one that takes me closer to my goals. If you look around you as you go through each day, you will see that every single thing that happens around you is a possible chance to change your destiny. Opportunities are like dust particles in the air that we breath. You only see them if you’re out there looking very closely. Once you see them, it’s up to you what is done with them. They can pass you by or you can reach out and grab them. From there, you never know where life can take you but be rest assured, you won’t be stuck where you’re at anymore 😉

I got a 100% on my first Pschology quiz and an 83% on Intro to Computer Crimes. I’m running a 4.0 going into this semester so right away, I know I have to concentrate harder to keep on track with the Computer Crime class. It has already shown to be an exciting class as it clarifies many points for me as I work on investigations over in Porn Valley. I’ve been notified by 2 new victims so I hope my schooling will help me help them. Porn Valley’s stalkers are trying to hack my sites daily so I’m learning how to combat their efforts too. Again, it’s these opportunities that drive me to succeed.

If I can change the world, you can too.  Remember Martin Luther King Jr. and his “I have a Dream”. You know I have a big dream to come true. What’s your biggest dream to make come true??




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